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Girls Link is a FREE workshop series for girls ages 9-12

Girls Link workshop promotes self-esteem and empowerment and it will help girls be confident, to be positive, to express themselves, and to meet other girls in their community through activities, crafts, and discussion in a fun, comfortable, and safe environment.

Girls Link Spring 2019

The MacPhee Centre
50 Queen Street
Dartmouth NS

Mondays, 6:30-8:00pm
April 29-June 10, 2019 (no session on Victoria Day, Monday, May 20)

Register for Girls Link Spring 2019 is open!

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Space is limited!

Questions? Please email us at:

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Completed Workshops

The Junior League of Halifax has completed an excellent second year of Girls Link community programming. Four Girls Link sessions were held in the 2016–2017 League year and three more were held in the 2017-2018 League year!


“… If you come to Girls Link you have fun! The leaders were great.”

“Girls Link is so much fun! You can play games, talk about feelings, and you meet other girls and I would tell my friends.”

“[At Girls Link] you can share your differences!”

“Girls Link was fun and you meet with other girls.”

“Girls Link was a wonderful experience. The leaders were awesome and you play awesome games and learn about life as a girl.”

The camp was really cool! I really liked some of the activities we did and how we looked at how people think of themselves compared to how others think of them. I will definitely tell my friends about it!” – M. aged 13

I really enjoyed coming here every week. It was always something I looked forward to coming to.” – Girls Link pilot program participant

The girls were always excited to come and would talk about it afterwards.” – Dad of Girls Link pilot program participants