“We have the responsibility to act, and we have the opportunity to conscientiously act to affect the environment about us.” That’s how social activist Mary Harriman, founder of the Junior League, described its mission in 1901. Now, more than 117 years later, while some of the challenges that need us to act have changed, the need for us to act has not­­­—and so we still carry that responsibility.

Since 1901, The Junior League has evolved into one of the oldest, largest, and most effective women’s volunteer organizations in the world, with more than 150,000 members in 292 Leagues in four countries. The traditions of years gone by have morphed, of necessity, into the realities of the 21st century. Members are from many backgrounds, and share many common goals and thoughts about the impact that women have—and can, will, and should have—in the future.

The Junior League is for ALL women who care about, and are committed to, the development of women as dynamic, effective volunteer civic leaders, who can impact the strength and health of their local communities through identifying societal pain points, and finding sustainable solutions to the problems that are both local, and more global, in scope.

Since its founding in 1933, members of the Junior League of Halifax have cared about all of this! We have developed and delivered many community-strengthening and lasting projects and programs including Backpacks for Kids; Buckle up Baby; and The Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Clinic.

Our current focus area is: self-esteem and empowerment of girls and women, because we know that strong girls grow up to be strong women. And strong women equal strong communities. Knowing this, JLH members developed and continue to deliver our latest program, Girls Link, for girls, aged 9-12. It’s a free series of workshops which all focus on confidence and resilience building. Topics include leadership skills; healthy relationships; healthy body image; social media literacy. We are expanding the program, based on session evaluations.

Our “Done In A Day” short-term projects broaden our community reach and impact. Through JLH activities, members have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in many areas, including program development and evaluation; facilitation and presentation skills; event planning; board membership and governance; and non-profit finances.

The Junior League has evolved over the years but our “reason to be” has not. At JLH, after 85 years, we are still developing committed, socially focused civic leaders who care deeply for Halifax and HRM for now and for the future. We are: Women building better communities®. As we celebrate our 85th anniversary year, we can’t wait to see what we can create, going forward! Whatever it is it will be dynamic; effective; impactful, and FUN! Join us and be part of it!

We welcome ANY woman who shares our commitment to making our community a better place for ALL of us to live! To learn more about joining, contact us at: membership@juniorleagueofhalifax.org

Carole Thompson

President, Junior League of Halifax, 2017-18